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We are a small group of unity activists raising awareness around the gross misuse of US military and surveillance agencies which jeopardizes national security and harms countless populations around the globe for profit.


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End the Damn Wars: Rebuild Our Communities

End the Damn Wars held our first marches on September 11th, 2021 in multiple cities across the US and UK. We will return to protest against US interventionism and mass surveillance in March 2022, however we will hold smaller actions on December 11th to prevent a lengthy lull period. Before the December 11th EtDW rallies, we are raising money to purchase items for care packages that will go to the homeless communities in four cities: Detroit, Seattle, Pheonix, and Washington DC. If we can meet our stretch goals, we will add another city to the list. Initially, we are raising enough funding for roughly 130 care packages ($30 each) and to purchase equipment for garbage pickup and disposal for areas in our communities that require attention. The care package items are from a list that our community helped us put together - thank you! And thank you to everybody who has supported our campaign and is helping us achieve our goal of making this world a little better in what ways we can. This is the first of hopefully many mutual aid actions we plan to do in response to congress' inaction towards America's crumbling communities while they continuously expand our military budget.

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